Paper.IO 2

Play in Fullscreen Mode

Also, play Paper.IO 3 (aka PaperIO.Space)

How to Play Paper.IO Game?

Control Keys: Arrow Keys to Move (Mouse/Cursor/Finger Movement works, but Arrow Keys makes the controlling perfect).

Things to do:

You will start from a circle and you need to move around and reach the circle again to capture a certain portion of the area. Keep doing this and try to cover as much area as possible. You can even capture areas that have already been captured by others. You can also change your character and gaming skin

Do not do or Avoid:

  • Never touch your own string when you move, else you die. Just like you died in the classic snake games when you hit your face against your tail.
  • When you move, make sure other players do not touch your strings.
  • Touch other players’ string to kill them.